Hello World!

Here i am, blogging once again. I sort of quit blogging a few months ago when my self-hosted blog disappeared because the host i was on suddenly fell out of the face of the Earth. I got too lazy and was too poor to purchase a new hosting package. I switched to Tumblr, where i was surrounded by the fandom of my favorite shows. It’s fun and for the past 3 or 4 months, that’s where i get my news. After a while i started making GIFs from the episodes that i watch. Over time i learned new styles of GIF-ing and i enjoyed doing them.

I felt like making a blog again because i wanted a place where i can write about my thoughts and my life and be serious. I was sort of doing that with my Tumblr account but i think it would be best if i write on a separate blog. I want to write daily, just like how one would write on a diary. I don’t think i would advertise this, do i even want other people reading this? I don’t know. Maybe i’ll just put my link out there, but not really advertising it for people to see. I would tell some close friends about it though, especially my good friend Jaleesa who said she loves reading my letters. I was supposed to send her an email telling her stories about what’s going on with my life, but i’m not really an email person. So here’s to blogging again!

Mostly writing about my life and experiences, I started blogging in 2005. This current version of the blog has been established since 2011. Professionally, I'm a homebased SEO Expert for a UK company with international clients. With a wide range of interests and hobbies, it took me a while to narrow down my blog niche. I own and care for 5 dogs in a small studio apartment in Las Piñas City, Philippines. I love traveling locally when I have the means, otherwise, I spend most of my time at home.

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