Goodbye MJ and Simba

On April 29, we brought MJ and Simba with us to Malolos, Bulacan, where we met with mom’s friend who was here on vacation from Vancouver. Simba was promised to her when he was born and since she can’t take him with her to Vancouver, she’s giving him to her godchild as a gift. MJ, on the other hand, was going to stay with her sister.

It was a sad day because we’re letting them go, we will miss them terribly. But it was also a happy day because we know they’d be taken care of well, and less house work for mom. We can still visit them when we want to, their new owners live within reach.

Luckily, they both adjusted quickly. They walked/ran around the lawn and the street, they were given some food and water which they ate and drank. Simba was scared because he wasn’t let out of the house growing up, unlike MJ who experienced walking around the neighborhood where we once lived.

Here are pictures of MJ and Simba that night.

Simba looks so sad.

Following the leader.

Simba hiding under the bench where mom was sitting.

MJ posing where I told him to sit.

Saying goodbyes.

Still sad. 🙁

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  1. Karrie Nodalo,RN
    11 May, 2012

    awww MJ and Simba so adorbz <3 Yep, mukha nga siyang sad.

  2. Grysh Co
    11 May, 2012

    They are so adorable. I really hate animals but I started to love them because of my cousin’s new dog. 🙂

    Don’t worry. I’m sure they will be well taken care of. 😀

  3. Sarah Consolacion
    12 May, 2012

    awww.. it’s sad parting with pets.. but I’m pretty sure they’ll be taken care really well. plus, you have like a dozen who needs your attention at home too, right? Nagbebenta ka ba talaga or nanganganak lang sila and you can’t take care of them? Dati kami yung mga pusa namin nanganganak tapos pinamimigay lang namin, cute kasi kaya madami naman may gusto (like mga pinsan) or magbayad. Pero wala na, naubos na kasi namatay na yung pinakamommy, tapos yung iba ninakaw.


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