Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant

One time my mom and I were in the QC area because she had a meeting somewhere there. Afterwards we met up in Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant in Banawe St. and where her friend treated us for lunch. We ordered the following:

Salmon head with Tausi

Steamed Pampano

Broccoli in garlic sauce

Everything was good. We enjoyed the food and I finished the broccoli (YAY). As for the price, well we didn’t check the price for each item but it was a pricey in my opinion. The pastries are also good and worth it.

If ever you’re near Banawe St, look for Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant and give their food a try. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Moven Pick Bakeshop and Restaurant”

  1. hhhmm it looks interesting… but i just cant find it appetizing… maybe because I am more of the burgers, bbq and steak kinda person hehe

  2. I always order fish whenever I’m in a new restaurant. I actually judge one resto based on how they cook fish. Salmon is one of my favorites to order. How was their salmon?

  3. unsugarcoatedreviews

    We haven’t tried foodtripping in Banawe. Perhaps we’re missing something. 😀

  4. The first thing that I noticed from your photos would have to be the plating.. If the prices are indeed ‘pricey’, Moven should have at least tried cleaning the sides of the plate (where the salmon is), or arranged the Pampano like it wasn’t just a slab of fish.. Good thing that you still found a balance from the taste of the dishes. 😉

  5. ralph marcuss Manarang

    For me, it’s not visually appetizing maybe because I’m not into sea foods that much. Mai is right about the first photo.

  6. Oh my bad, I didn’t mention how the place was like. I guess it’s something I should remember next time. It’s not a fine dining restaurant, it’s like a canteen, so when I said it’s pricey, I meant it costs more than the usual price you’d expect in a canteen. Then again, it’s salmon so it’s really pricey.

  7. The broccoli was good. I finished it all. 🙂

    I don’t think it’s considered desserts, but they have pastries and there might have been cakes, we didn’t get any.

  8. athena bellotindos

    i’ve been wanting to eat salmon for the past few days! i’m so fish-deprived.

    i have to agree with Mai too though..

  9. I love broccoli! We often eat along Banawe with my office mates before. I will tell them to try Moven Pick for a change. – KarenT

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