The First Day of 2017 with Saving Sally

Saving Sally

Saving SallyIt’s a Sunday. The first day of the new year. I am feeling good about myself and the promise of a new start… which started late for me. I went to bed at 5am and woke up 11am hoping to catch the 12 o’clock worship service, but my eyes and neck hurt so I decided to go back to sleep and go to the 6pm service instead. Praise God for options!

It was 3pm by the time I woke up again. Mom was feeling under the weather so I took the dogs out for a walk before I got ready to go to church. It felt good to start the year by listening to God’s word. It was such an inspiring message.

After the service, I checked the movie schedule in nearby malls for Saving Sally. I’ve been meaning to see that movie since I heard about it. I was surprised to find out the cinema price at SM Southmall costs 50 pesos more than the cinema at Alabang Town Center. I settled on an old lazy boy and enjoyed the movie.

At first, I was a little bored with the setup but after a while, it got more interesting. It’s an unusual movie, a little weird, and reminds me of Scott Pilgrim Saves The World sans the action scenes. It has its funny bits, nostalgic feels, and pretty good animation. As a whole, it’s quite genius. It also inspired me to watch more Filipino movies. So I’ll be doing that this year. When a good Filipino movie come out, I’m going to watch it.

Last week, I found out they originally cast Anna Larrucea to play Sally, but Rhian Ramos was perfect for the role. It would have had a different feel if it were someone else. I would like to see the original version, even if it wasn’t finished.

It also inspired me to watch more Filipino movies. So I’ll be doing that this year. When a good Filipino movie come out, I’m going to watch it.

If you haven’t seen Saving Sally yet, I recommend you do while it’s still in cinemas. I’m not sure up until when the MMFF movies will be shown, so don’t miss this chance. Support the Filipino movie industry for more quality films such as the entries in this year’s MMFF. (I wanted to see them all but with limited funds, I can only see 3 at the most.)

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  1. Erik Brenner
    10 February, 2017

    Always hear about the film but never watched it ti think that the film was ten years in the making. Huh?

    1. Nickle Love
      3 March, 2017

      Yes, it took them 10 years to complete the film. It’s a low-budget production. 🙂


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