Everything Looks Better with Pictures Part 1

Oh yes, I am sporting a new theme to the tune of Patchwork by Caroline Moore. Isn’t this lovely? I think her themes are really nice, simple, and cute. Last year, I used Scrappy for my book blog, which I really loved. Anyway, here’s a recap of some of the things that happened in my life for the past months.


I created this image about a month ago when I was working on my LSM Annual Calendar for 2014. I’m not a coffee drinker but if I need to focus on my work, I would drink a cup before I start typing and analyzing away. And boy, did I drink coffee every day for two weeks. If I was normally, naturally high/hyper, just imagine what coffee did to me. I was buzzed! To think I only drank white coffee.

I meant to write about the things I learned, and the pressure I felt, and the responsibility of helping our patch mates with the calendar leading up to the Sales Rally, but the moment has passed and I didn’t feel like going into details. The funny thing is, I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve mentioned it before, although not through blogging, but I realized I enjoy the challenges I encounter with this job. Granted it is definitely nerve wracking, but I LOVE IT.

20131224-224609.jpgI’ve heard of Cronuts when it first came out but have never had one. It’s one of those fads that I didn’t get to try right away. A few weeks ago I had a craving for something different when I passed by Gonuts Donuts and I decided to try it. I think this one was almond chocolate something. It was delicious, a bit pricy for my taste, something that I would only buy again if I have a craving.

20131224-224526.jpgAh.. The diet that isn’t really a diet. No, I am not on a quest to lose weight, but this is what I usually end up eating. Before October ended I had thought of eating healthier, like consuming more fruits and vegetables like I did in high school. I saw the flavored instant oatmeal on sale and bought two flavors to sample. Coz, you know, fiber and all. Anyway, I really liked Banana and Honey flavor. It smells awesome.

I also bought oranges, fuji apples, seedless grapes, and ate them on my way to work and for merienda at the office. I must admit, I missed having fruits. I ate oatmeal every day for breakfast and dinner, not because I was dieting, but because it was the easiest and fastest thing to do. I’m too lazy to actually make something for dinner when I get home, hence calling it The Lazy Diet. I may or may not have lost 2lbs. since I started eating oatmeal and fruits. Mom recently brought a new single burner stove so I’ll more or less try cooking again soon. And also, there’s that plan to get that Shake ‘n Go Smoothie Maker. So yay!




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  1. Dre @ Sporadic Reads
    30 November, 2013

    Me? I need to diet because my back hurts a lot now. My 5’2 frame couldn’t carry me anymore. I’ve only had 1 cronuts every, and yes it is pricey, but it’s not something I’d crave a lot. Your theme looks lovely 🙂

    1. Nickle Love
      30 November, 2013

      Thank you! I’ve had lower back pains since high school or college. I’ve already lost 20lbs. since I started working. I’ve tried too many diets since high school that I think I’ll just stick to what we learned in grade school, eat a healthy/balanced meal and exercise. I don’t need/want a “hot bod”, I just want to reach my ideal weight and eat whatever I want while staying healthy. XD


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