Divisoria finds

Mom and I went to Divisoria last week to buy giveaways for Christmas. She bought pens and bags and other stuff that she can hand people as small tokens. I bought gifts for my godchildren. Mom was there to pick up the curtain lining for a friend and while we were waiting, I went around the mall and found nice clothes and asked my mom if she could buy me one. She bought me two.

Here are the clothes mom bought for herself.

I’m happy with my 2 pieces. I can wear them with a belt and then leggings. My problem now is, I can’t remember where I placed my one and only belt.

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  1. meowbykate
    16 December, 2011

    Time to buy a new belt 😀

  2. Denise Enriquez
    16 December, 2011

    8D THAT WHITE BLOUSE. :> I think this should have an outfit post as a follow up *ehem, ehem*

  3. Larry Cayco
    17 December, 2011

    I’ve always kind of hated the fact that girls can find cheap, nice clothes easier than men. I mean sure, we have P100 shirts, but they look like shit most of the time.

  4. nicklelove
    21 December, 2011

    But it’s my moms! They have a lot of those embroidered shirt which looks really cool but they don’t fit me. 🙁
    They barely fit my mom. LOL.

  5. nicklelove
    21 December, 2011

    Not all the time. I still have a hard time finding fashionable clothes that would fit big ol’ me. 🙁


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