Month: March 2012

Movie Marathon Batch 1

I missed watching movies so I started downloading some that I felt like watching. I feel like I’ve missed out on so many good movies all because I’m addicted to watching over 50 TV shows. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here. Not much. Hahahaha! Let’s start off with The Other Boleyn Girl. Now this is …

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11/52 Kylie’s 2nd batch of puppies

Kylie gave birth last March 8 to 5 adorable puppies. First 3 are female, last 2 are male. We’re only planning on keeping one, the spotted brown-and-white which looks like Damon, I named her Daphne. For week 11: March 11-17

8/52 This be my girls

We had another photo shoot and this time I have more models than one. For Week 8: February 19-25 [L-R] Mica, Loise, Mia, Angela Mica is Mia’s younger sister, Loise is one of Mia’s best friend, and Angela is a new discovery from that AMA pageant I blogged about a while back.