12/52 My own room

It was the week when I decided to clean the other room in the house to make room for myself. When we moved in, it became a temporary stock room. Mom’s original idea was to turn it into a walking closet, but we don’t have THAT many clothes anyway and I’m tired of sleeping in a folding bed in my mom’s bedroom. =\

I found most of the materials we used to use for making accessories and decided to keep them in my room so when I get inspired, everything I would need will be in one place. Yay~

For week 12: March 18-24

In the left side is most of the materials we have. You think that’s a lot? You those boxes under the table? The last 2 green boxes and the boxes beside that are also full of materials. I’m missing pliers though, I can’t make anything at the moment.

I haven’t taken a photo of what my room looks like now, there’s still a lot to be done here. I need a bedframe and another table with drawers. But I’m quite happy with what I’ve achieved so far.

Yes, that is a penis ash tray someone gave my mom some years ago, I thought it would make a good bracelet holder.

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