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The Sunday Currently Vol. 6

It’s been a while. I have been… pre-occupied for the past few weeks with working overtime and practicing with photoshop. I had a wonderful Sunday with my new found friends. After attending church service and having late lunch with mom’s friends, I went back to church to meet with my new D-group. At the moment, there’s only 3 of us and the other girl was out of town.

After our sharing session, which was great, we met with another couple of girls and hanged out at the small park in Molito. I had such a great time with them and I’m excited to spend more time with them in the next couple of weeks. For now, I’m doing the Sunday Currently thing because why not?


The Bible and a book I was supposed to review for a tour called Nora & Kettle


A weekly obsession blog post. I’ve been working on it for weeks.


To a Spotify playlist of Christian music and Hymns.


Of the things I need to do and which I should do first.


Nothing in particular.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 1 episode 7


For a salary increase.


I could do more exercises every morning / when I wake up.


Gray boxer shorts and an old cyan racer back shirt.


My new found friends.


Or more like craving for a big juicy burger.


Desperately need a proper back massage. My shoulders are killing me and I have lower back pain.


Happy with how things are going with my life at the moment.


Around in photoshop. Trying out something new I learned.

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