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Pug Love

Lazy Afternoon with My Babies

The other day the weather was warm, not too hot as it usually is, but just enough for everyone to be lazy. I took time off from goofing around the web to take pictures of my beautiful babies resting. Kylie and Sydney basking under the […]

Where’s Damon?

I have yet to write the full story about my pugs but this is just too cute to let pass. Damon is one of the puppies we have. He’s half-pug, half-shih tzu, and has a mixed brown-white color. We were surprised when he came out. […]

All About Dora [Sept-Oct ’11]

I don’t recall if I blogged about Dora’s health condition but I have been posting in Twitter updates about her struggle. Dora was born stretching. Dora is the fourth [2nd female] puppy born of Kylie. She had a white “glove” on her left front paw, […]

Puppies’ First Bath

This afternoon, mom and I went out to do some errands which took about 2-3 hours to finish. When we got home, half of the puppies were peed on by one or two or all three adult male pugs. We had no choice but to […]

More Puppy Updates

After Kylie gave birth, so many things happened that I didn’t write about because I didn’t feel like it, and now it’s been more or less a month, I’d want to read about this experience some time in the future. A week after Kylie gave […]

Day 6: Puppy Update

It’s been almost a week since these cute puppies were born. They’re a bit bigger now, feeding all the time and crying most of the day. I think they’re always hungry and Kylie runs out of milk so she gets off the bed and sits […]

Pregnant Bitches and The Day One of Them Gave Birth

Kylie and Cyndi both got pregnant. We knew the latter was a possibility since mom caught her and MJ doing the deed, but we were surprised when the signs of pregnancy were visible on Kylie a few weeks after her period. Cyndi wants a belly […]