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Sunday Park Day With Kendo The Pug

Sunday Park Day With Kendo The Pug

It has been a long time since I took Kendo out to the park. Last week I promised to take him to the park after I get him checked up at the vet on Sunday. Just like the smart dog that he is, he was […]

See You Later, Gwen!

Two Saturdays ago, mom and I took Gwen to her new mommy. It was a sad day for us but we were still happy because she’ll be the only princess in her new house. We know they will take care of her as we have. […]

Cyndi’s Second Batch of Puppies and the Death of One

It seems that I have neglected to write about Cyndi giving birth last April 23. I didn’t take that many pictures since she gave birth at 2am. Fortunately I was still awake during that time when I heard a bark, I went outside to check […]

19/52 Nursing One Sick Puppy

This puppy was Cyndi’s youngest. Last week we noticed that it wasn’t feeding well and its growth was slower than the other pups. I brought him to the vet to get him checked up and the vet gave me a couple of medicines to give […]

Goodbye MJ and Simba

On April 29, we brought MJ and Simba with us to Malolos, Bulacan, where we met with mom’s friend who was here on vacation from Vancouver. Simba was promised to her when he was born and since she can’t take him with her to Vancouver, she’s […]

17/52 They like water too!

The summer heat is affecting everyone. Mom and I take a shower more than twice a day just to feel refreshed, and the dogs take a dip in their tub to cool off. How cute is that? For week 17: April 22-28, 2012 If you […]

16/52 Precious little thing

The highlight of my week was the car accident but I’d rather not focus on such an unfortunate event that I chose this one instead. For week 16: April 15-21, 2012 This is Kylie’s first born from her second batch of puppies. She doesn’t have a […]

15/52 More sleeping puppies

Another lazy week went by and I spent it watching Dexter, Last Man Standing, and Nurse Jackie. Hi I’m Nickle and I’m a TV series junkie. For week 15: April 8-14 I was supposed to go with my mom to meet with a long lost […]

14/52 Sleeping puppies

Last week has been uneventful due to Holy Week, aside from that, the weather has been really hot so I opted to stay indoors and catch up on some movies and TV series. The dogs chose to sleep most of the time, it was indeed […]

When Dogs Learn That Water is Friend

If you haven’t seen or didn’t know it yet, Kendo likes taking a dip/soaking in water when he feels hot. I have pictures and videos of him getting inside a basin or a pail of water and just sit there for a while till he […]

2nd Batch of Kylie’s Pups

If I haven’t mentioned it, Kylie got pregnant again just 4 months after giving birth last September. She gave birth last Friday to 5 adorable puppies. First 3 are female, and the last 2 are male. It’s quite easy to remember which came out first […]

6/52 Lazy Afternoon

Taken one lazy afternoon. 😉 For Week 6: February 5- 11, 2011