Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer


Jack La Lanne's Power Juicer

I’m really not proud of my photo editing skills right now, but this will do.

On January 19, 2014, I purchased Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer from Lazada. I initially wanted the Shake n’ Go Smoothie Maker but mom convinced me to get the juicer instead as it will have a healthier purpose in our lives. It arrived 4 days later, which was very quick, in my opinion, although I kinda expected it to arrive because Lazada sent me a message every time there was progress with my order. The first one was informing me that my order was processed, and the second was when it was sent out to be delivered. I estimated it to arrive within 2 days and it did. AWESOME SERVICE!

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I just got home from work when I noticed the box and I got too excited that I just took pictures instead of taking a video of the unboxing. The first thing I did was check if it was complete.

Manual and recipe books
Manual and recipe books

And then I disassembled it before reading the manual. I’m so glad I didn’t break anything, guess I was just THAT excited.

dismantled power juicer
dismantled power juicer

Excuse the dirty, ugly floor. I had nowhere to put them and I just happen to love sitting cross-legged on the floor while I do stuff. The juicer is very easy to take apart, and equally easier to assemble. Then a thought came to me, which I said out loud, “now that I spent my salary on this, I have no money to buy fruits”, which made mom laugh out loud and promised to buy me fruits the next day. Which she did. YAY MOM!


My pretty new "toy"
My pretty new “toy”

Mom bought my apples and oranges, and I juiced the apples first. That one has a video. TADA!

Two apples - halved
Two apples – halved

I had to compress it in 15 seconds but you can see how happy I was with the product. ♥♥♥

If you notice too, it’s really quiet. It doesn’t make scary noises and you don’t have to push the fruits down, you just have to guide it through. Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer is also very easy to clean. Since you only use fruits or veggies, you can just rinse the residue off. There’s also a cleaning brush that came with the package, which you can use to brush off pulp residue off the filter.

The great thing about juicing is that there is little to no waste at all. The pulp is dry and can be used for baking or cooking, compost, or in my case, dog food. Since apples aren’t bad for dogs, I decided to let them have it. Although it was only Daphne who like it and ate it.

Look who wants the apple pulp
Look who wants the apple pulp

The next day, I juiced the oranges. I peeled 4 oranges but later found out that I shouldn’t have peeled the white thing off as it has all the vitamins. Guess who read the recipe book after juicing.


I had it for breakfast with sweet potatoes. It made me feel good for eating healthy. But the thing with juicing is that it can be expensive. Those 4 oranges only made 1 small glass or fresh juice.

Fresh OJ and Sweet Potatoes
Fresh OJ and Sweet Potatoes

As usual, the pulp was given to the dogs. This time, even Kylie ate the pulp because she loves oranges.

Orange pulp
Orange pulp
Daphne liked it so much, she licked them off my fingers
Daphne liked it so much, she licked them off my fingers
Daphne and Kylie enjoying the orange pulp
Daphne and Kylie enjoying the orange pulp
Nomnom Kylie
Nomnom Kylie
Nomnom Daphne
Nomnom Daphne

See, I’m not the only one enjoying the benefits of having a power juicer. In hindsight, I could have used the pulp by blending it with the juice for a fresher feeling but there’s no need to be selfish. Maybe next time I’ll buy that Shake n’ Go Smoothie Maker or the Magic Bullet.

I love this product and I love Lazada.com.ph even more for having great service. As for the discount voucher code, LZDbrDgr, it’s a Php300 off for a minimum worth of Php3,000 purchase. You may use it before checking your items out. Take advantage of the hot deals on home appliances this February.

This is my first post about Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer and it certainly won’t be the last. I’ll be trying different recipes and post them in this blog.


  • easy to assembly and disassemble
  • easy to clean
  • machine is quiet, no scary sounds
  • makes 30% more juice
  • pulp is dry
  • no waste


  • it has to be disassembled each time it is used, which is not good if you’re in a hurry/late for work


  • Even if it wasn’t on sale, it’s still worth my hard earned money.

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