My Birthday Wishlist

Birthday photo, taken 5 years ago.
Birthday photo, taken 5 years ago.

Birthday photo, taken 5 years ago.

My birthday is 2 days away and there’s a few material things that I want. I’m listing them here, in hopes that if someone wants to give me a gift, they’d know what I want. HA! HA!

I’ll be away during the weekend, off to a Summer Outing with the Singles of Victor Alabang. I’m super eggzoited!

Anyway, if you want to gift me books instead, click here. ;)

I like statement shirts, fandom shirts, any kind of shirt. I would love to receive any of these XD


I’m a Large on men’s size, sometimes Medium, but Large is okay. :D


I prefer the free size or Men’s Medium:D

Okay. So all of these shirts are from The Perfect White Shirt. They have branches Trinoma, Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, and Robinsons Manila. I’ve been eyeing these shirts and hoodies for a long tie already. Hoping that one day I’ll have any of them. Hihihihi… Happy birthday to me!



  1. Nikkisays: Reply

    Have a great birthday! Those truly are some nice Ts. If only they shipped worldwide.

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