I am so tired from the day’s activities that I went straight to my room after juicing half a watermelon. I went down again because mom was calling me. She slipped and couldn’t move for a while but don’t worry, she’s okay now.

Anyway, after that incident, I saw Damon gnawing on a watermelon rind and it was so cute to I started taking photos using mom’s iPhone 4. I just want to share them here coz the pugs are so cute.

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Damon looking so pogi.

Damon still. Enjoying the rind.

Another handsome photo of my sweetest baby.

A rather sleepy photo of Kendo, the original Pug in the family.

Daphne was gnawing at her own watermelon rind, and Kylie was looking at her before I snapped this.

This is Richard. I told him to pose and he just played dead.

My handsome baby Damon in his sad face. πŸ™

Whenever I lie on the floor, Daphne will jump on my back and stay there.

#daphne , i'm not your bed!

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Selfie with Damon. Sweetie.

Selfie with mommy.

This one was taken more minutes after the others. I was about to go up to my room when I saw them cuddle like this. It’s adorable.

I initially thought of creating a separate blog for the puggery but now I think it’s not a good idea and that I should just post them all here, along with my personal and general posts.

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